First Work Day

Today was harder than the weekends. Sometimes one weekends I forget to eat cause I’m moving from this activity to that and having a great time.

Sitting at a desk for eight hours, however, made it a lot harder. Dont’ get me wrong; I like my job. It’s interesting and engaging. But so many consecutive hours on the same task makes it really repetitive, and I have a longing for variety. My main source of variety at work is food. I learned that today. I had soup for lunch purchased by the company for snow day! I have hot chocolate. A latte. Some almonds and a slice of dried mango. I wanted much more just to keep things changing up.

I even noticed myself getting antsy about my music choices: I guess I was trying to compensate for lack of variety by expecting my music to keep me motivated and focused.

The good news is, I got a ton done today. I didn’t over eat. I struggled with some frustration about eating, but the battle wasn’t excruciating. Not today.

Let’s see what I learn tomorrow.


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