That ice cream was really tasty

I feel bad about what I ate today. I ate today based on how I was feeling. I was stressed, (review at work) and felt exhausted after the conversation. I started feeling under the weather as well, so when I got home I slowly gave in more and more and kept eating.

The good news is, I’m still under 2,000 calories for the day. I’ve eaten little enough that I’m still on track to shed pounds.

So why exactly do I feel bad? Isn’t everything permissible?

I have several thoughts for myself on this matter:

1) It is permissible. I ate ice cream. I ate tortilla chips. It’s just food, it’s no big deal.

2) Quelling my emotions with eating was an unhealthy response. The food i ate was not beneficial, nor were the reasons I ate it.

3) The bonds of my slavery to eating, to food, and to my desire for it are extremely oppressive. Feeling guilty only weakens my resolve against them. I see why what I did wasn’t good, but I must encourage myself in what I did right, and remember that I am not a slave.

Come tomorrow, I will eat again. I have to empower myself to make good choices, and I must rest in the freedom I have from this desire that tries to engulf me.


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