Oh the weather outside is frightful

but the food is so delightful.

I had a warm bagel for lunch, toasted to roasty toasty warm and slathered with gooey cream cheese. It’s really one of my favorite foods ever. Yeah. Kinda sad I guess.

But you don’t understand. It’s like 15 degrees out and I had to walk far outside because I took the bus because the roads are so bad and I got so cold and my nose was running and my ears were red and numb and my toes oh so so so cold and my fingers to type were so hard to move and all I wanted was amazing roasty toastiness.

You see, apparently when it’s cold out my body says, oh we get to cozy up inside. Curl up with hot¬†chocolate. Eat all the tasty toasty things. Literally I am seeking comfort from my food.

I’m still under on my calories for the day, but yet again, it was the craving I gave into that means I’m still battling being free from food.


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