Today was a day of awesome

so far.

There is still much damage to do!

BUT, as of now, I have eaten 851 calories (pre-dinner, folks). AND I went for a .65 mile walk during work. AND went for a 1 mile run. On a 1700 calorie diet, I can have 1100 more calories today (once you account for the movement). But heaven’s let’s not get carried away!

Here’s what made me feel really good today:

I started getting hungry for lunch, and my thought was “I feel hungry” not “YES I GET TO EAT GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!”

I had a cup of hot chocolate. I realized I was drinking it for comfort. I reminded myself the food is not my comfort, and I felt no qualms about tossing it down the drain. I could have had the calories, today, but I was consuming for the wrong reason.

Satsuma’s are my freakin’ crack. I cannot stop eating them. I can’t tell if this is bad or not. THEY ARE DELICIOUS, COLD, JUICY, BURST-IN-YOUR MOUTHY. Why am I eating them so much? Cause I feel I need something to fill the void? Or because they taste so good? I only had two. But WOW, you guys. wow.

I also had the least appetizing looking of my lean cuisines, just to get it out of the way. The spinach glop was actually manageable. I mean, I like spinach, but you should have seen this stuff. Tasted way more like food than it looked. The chicken part was magnificent.

I just feel good because it wasn’t a FIGHT. It was just food, and it was just fine. Tada!

I think this is progress 😀


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