OK. Running is not my favorite thing.

And I’ve got some pretty good reasons not to do it, I think. It’s DARK out when I get home from work still. Also, it’s COLD out.

The cold wasn’t a problem till I solved the dark problem: I bought a headlamp! Now I can see! Right? No. Wait. I can kinda see.

Problem is, like I said, it’s cold out. So I can see as long as I’m breathing in. When I breathe out, my headlamp lights up the white cloud of my breath and I can longer see. This makes for quite a disorienting run. I’m slightly afraid I’m going to tripfallbreakmyankle. No big deal though, right.

Oh well. My runs are short for now. I’m working on speed. I can go pretty far at a slow jog, but once I really push my speed I can’t go very far at all.

Anyway. Keep on trucking, me.

I don’t  know what my calorie count is for today. We had tea at work and I had TWO pieces of whatever that tasty treat was that someone brought in. I’m guess one w as about 110? Maybe? More? Let’s just add 300 and say I’m probably at 1100-1200 for the day, just to be on the safe side. So I think a light dinner is in order.

Good thing I went for a half blind run.


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