Well well well

Been a slight bit since I’ve checked in here.

Things are trucking right along. I lost some moktivation there for a while, for running. My food intake is loads better, but it’s not perfect.

Today was good. I did have an incident with a cup of hot chocolate that I drank because I was bored at work.

But I also went for a run. A short run. Short in several ways: I didn’t go as far (creepy kidnapper van looming in the dark) and I ran faster. My average speed was up quite a bit, and overall I only  cut about .2 miles from my route.

Right now my arms are shaking, and my fingers are having a hard time typing because I’m hungry. Only nine hundred calories in for the day and I just went for a speed record run.

Ugh, running in the cold makes me breathe squeaky.


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