90 day challenge – days 3-5

Day 3 I took a rest day. I was so sore I could hardly walk. I had to recover a bit.

Day 4 I wasn’t as sore, so I did the HIIT workout. I like this workout. I love that half of it is resting. I mean, 20 minute workout, with ten minutes of resting? Yes, please.

Day 5 Still sore. I did the day 4 workout, which was one set of 12 workouts. I’ve decided to cut the number of items in half for most of them so that I can actually complete the workout and not feel like a failure, and not over work myself like I did on day 2. This was a really good workout for me. I was able to do the full 30 seconds of high knees and 25 out of 20 seconds for the elbow plank.

What I need to work on is my diet. I’ve added fruits and veg to what I’m eating, but I haven’t eliminated the boredom grazing. I’m going to have to work on this slowly. If I do it all at once I’ll be too overwhelmed and then I’ll quit. I don’t want to quit! I’m enjoying this so far…as far as a workout program goes. I love not having to leave the house. I love that I can do this with a chair, a water bottle and a stop watch while the kids are playing or watching a movie. It doesn’t cost me any money, which is truly amazing.


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