What, like, you think I’m kidding?

After writing my post last night, I got on Pinterest and quickly saw these two photos in my feed. And I had a sad.
Motivation through shame! Good for the body, good for the soul. #GagMe
Do it for the other people in the world, because their opinion about your body matters.

These were posted as motivation for working out, and it was like a punch in the stomach.

Don’t get me wrong, the first one is perfectly true. As far as the second image goes, women are perfectly welcome to desire and enjoy being considered hot by other people; the problem is that ‘hotness’ is defined arbitrarily by society, and that standard should not be turned into a prescription. There are plenty of people whose subjective taste doesn’t adhere to society’s understanding of ‘hotness.’

The root problem I have with both of these (de)motivators is that they place the importance of MY workout and MY body and MY ‘health’ in the hands of OTHER PEOPLE. They both make appeals to the part of me that hates myself and has been yelling and demoralizing me for years. The voice that learned its vocabulary from public, from the people who might remark to others “you got hot!” The voice I am trying so very desperately to exorcise.

Wouldn’t it just be so nice to live in a world where an individual can choose what to do with their own body contingent upon NOTHING and NO ONE outside of themself?

(Workout today: 20 min HIIT. Sore sciatic area on right side. Rest day tomorrow, so hopefully that will get better. Feelin’ good.)


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