Day 8

Yesterday was a rest day, and rest I did. It really helped the sciatic pain. I did some stretches on it as well.

Today–Day 8*— was this death trap:

I got part way through and thought, screw this, I’m just going to do burpees. But I didn’t. I did this, and very poorly indeed.

I can’t really do a push up without being on my knees. I’m working on it, but I did “full” push ups for this exercise and they were miniscule.

Also, I don’t have any weights. Turns out it is hard enough for me anyway.

I have a really hard time “hopping” my legs forward like this, but I did it. Haphazardly (as well as I could.)

I didn’t do very many. Less than 20, probably, but I didn’t count. I’ll work on the coordination for next time, counting and working out (so much difficult!).

Tomorrow, cardio! I love the HIIT workout! (as far as workouts go, anyway, haha.)


3 thoughts on “Day 8”

      1. I find that blogging has helped me just because I feel more accountable. I’m forcing myself to write EVERYTHING down so I can’t really turn a blind eye to it, you know?
        I do wish you all the success on your journey! It’s tough, but you will get there!

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