HIIT and back pain

Today was the HIIT cardio workout, which went pretty well. I truly despise mountain climbers. I don’t understanding how I can do the other cardio activities (jig, jumping jacks, figure skaters, and jump rope) with so much relative ease compared to mountain climbers, but I’m really, really bad at them.

I’ve thought of switching them out for something that’s good cardio, but not as difficult, but I think if I stick with it, it will really help with burpees.

The bad news is that now my back is in a fair bit of pain. Spasms. I first got these spasms a few months ago, and I was able to stretch and take it easy and work it out, and it’s been fine for about a month. But today, something got tweaked. Anyone have advice on how to continue working out with this back pain? I don’t want to give up, but I don’t want to make it worse.


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