Day 16

I almost didn’t do my cardio today. It was a bit of a long day, and I was super tired after a long week at work. By the time I got round to it, the kids were in bed and I thought, if I do cardio, they’ll wake up. But They didn’t.

I’m not sure where, exactly the motivation came from, but it’s done now, and I’m glad I did. I suppose it could have come from my calorie intake having depended on my doing it. (I should probably exercise BEFORE desert in future…) I think a lot of it had to do with my telling myself I didn’t have to; it’s such a relief to exercise as a daily choice instead of under the pressure of feeling a need to look a certain way for other people.

During my cardio, I actually thought about this a fair bit. One of the reasons I’m remained able to keep going with this challenge is that it is a specified amount of time, and the goal is just to show up for each session. Just do it.

In the past I’ve had goals like “be able to run this far” or “lose this much weight.” Part of the problem these haven’t worked for me is that I have a hard time setting small goals. I don’t want to lose 10 pounds, I want to lose 90. It feels like I’m failing myself if I set a 10 pound goal, but feels like too much to set a 90 pound goal.

I like that with the 90 day challenge, I know that these 90 days are going to pass, and I can choose to do this workout one day, and this workout the next.

I also LOVE not having to go to the gym. One of the things I’ve really hated about exercising in the past is that it is such a production to get ready, drive to the gym, lock up my valuables, workout in front of people, and then drive home. It just adds all that much time to a short workout. Working out in a small clearing next to the TV where strangers can’t even see me is wonderful.

Oh, and for the record, I ate McDonalds and FroYo and didn’t exceed my calorie goal for the day. I are really healthy all week, but weekends are a whole other beast. Good that it’s still possible.


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