Evil One, done again – Day 17

Only one more of those until day 85. This makes me excited, but nervous. I can only imagine something worse is in store. But, I’m not going to look ahead. I don’t want to know.

So, my weight loss portion is going really well, and I think I’m not going to count calories today. My favorite show, Sherlock,  is on tonight; there are only three eps per season and the last season was  two years ago. I really want to take the time to savor and enjoy the show because it’s so rare, so I might eat some popcorn, or have a beer, or chips with guac, or even more than one of these. If I don’t allow myself to enjoy food once in a while and enjoy the things I love, eating this way simply won’t be sustainable.

Anyway, feeling good. I hope to get some studying and some writing done today before my stories come on the TV. Hope you are all having a good Sunday, and all your personal health journey’s are going well.


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