Cardio mix up – day 18

I changed up my HIIT today, adding in stairs and switching out some of the others. Stairs, they are unpleasant, but kinda fun. They help the minutes go by faster, and it was nice to have a bit different of a workout.

Today’s workout was:

Stairs, stairs, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, stairs x2.

I was getting a bit bored, and frustrated feeling like I’m not getting any better at any of my cardio items, but I’m just going to ignore that. I don’t need to get better, I need to keep going. I need to get my heart rate up, sweat, and burn some calories. That’s the goal; I don’t want to get too competitive with myself and get burnt out, or tear myself down.

Calorie intake is below target for the day, so I’m going to eat something.


One thought on “Cardio mix up – day 18”

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