Day 19 – Evil one done

Done with the “Evil One” until day 85!

I can’t believe I’m almost 3 weeks in…seems crazy to me that I’m still at it. I’m actually, maybe even having a little bit of fun. I’m getting better at proper push-ups. I’ve been doing them on my knees, but some now and then on my toes. I can’t do a whole one, but I’m getting better. I can lower myself further than I used to be able. It’s good to see that I’m making any sort of progress.

I ALSO did 20 seconds of mountain climbers at a fairly high speed before I had to slow down and walk some of them. My body felt like it was so capable of moving; I don’t remember the last time it felt that way.

And, today, I worked my calorie intake out to include Reese’s peanut butter cups. Delicious.

Is it bad that I’m already excited for the food on Superbowl Sunday? Cause I am. Pizza, and Skittles and Guacamole, oh my! (Go Seahawks, obvi.)


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