90 Day Challenge – Day 20

I was pretty excited for my cardio today, about as excited as I am that tomorrow is a rest day. I mixed it up a bit, again. I love how the HIIT lends itself to diversity, helps keep me from getting bored.

I looked ahead at the next round of strength training exercises, and they look crazy! And a little fun.

I was also pretty excited about my dinner tonight. They had garbanzo beans in a display at the grocery store, which I really like, but almost never eat. So I bought some and treated them like pasta! I used some tomato sauce (no sugar added) on top, and it was quite enjoyable. I think it’s a great substitute for pasta, but I haven’t done any research on them. I’ll read up and let you know how many garbanzo beans are too many, and if there are any warnings about them.


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