90 Day Challenge – Day 31

100 lunge day again! I only made it to 70 this time, but I suppose that’s not too bad given that I’m still really sore from Monday. I haven’t been sore the following day since the first week of the challenge. Since then my body has done a great job recovering from my workouts. So this 100 lunge march has been really quite hard on me.

The “boat” sit-ups are also quite difficult…on my back. Starting in a boat pose and keeping my back straight has worked some muscles I didn’t know I could work!

The past week or so has been frustrating. I haven’t felt very good (sick) and haven’t been eating well (no excuse) so it’s seemed really hard to work out, and I haven’t felt like it’s helping give me energy or health.  But, I seem to be on the mend (I’ve been saying that for about 10 days now, haha) but hopefully soon I’ll start feeling really better, not just about my cold/illness but about my overall strength and body health.

Hope you all are feeling healthy and strong!




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