90 Day Challenge – Day 33

Looks like I didn’t write about my cardio yesterday. I went back to the HIIT, because it just takes so much less time, and I feel like I’ve gotten a really solid workout afterward. I’ll probably continue to switch it up though, a bit, so I don’t get super bored.

Today was a 100 lunge day yet again. Today…I made it to 80! That’s better than day 1 and day 2. I’m really proud of myself for getting a better score.  I think going a teensy bit easier on day 2 helped, because I wasn’t as sore going into the lunges today. I am for certain going to be sore tomorrow, though. I made sure to get a good stretch, but I don’t think it will eliminate the pain tomorrow, haha.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers xx


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