90 Day Challenge – Day 36

Ugh. “Love your legs and booty” workout. I feel a little bit sick. Those lunges in the middle were so super intense. I think I may have overdone it a bit since I don’t feel well. But now I know for next time.

That workout was just way harder than I thought it was going to be. I looked at the calf raises at the end, and was like, that an’t be right. Only 30 per leg per set? Oh, no, that’s def right.

I sweat buckets after the lunges. I couldn’t even do the lunge jumps. What a horrible invention! Something to work toward, haha. But the end of the lunge holds, my legs were shaking so bad, and went to jelly when I stood up.

The best part was the squats. Since they are part of the initial FitTest, I have a really good idea of how much better I am at those than I used to be.  On the first day, I did 23 squats in 50 seconds. Second FitTest I made it to 30. Today we were supposed to do 40 total, and I got them done in less than 50 total. Despite everything else with this workout, that kinda makes me feel like a rockstar.

I am going to relax and watch me some Olympics.

Cheers xx


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