90 Day Challenge – Day 50

Day 50

What? I haven’t checked in here since the FitTest?

OK, well, fear not. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out. Cause I have. I’m all up to date.

What I haven’t been doing is eating very well, which doesn’t bode well for my current diet bet. But Surprisingly I’m not too far off track. Today is the day I return to counting my calories and eating well.

Today was also the “doozy” workout, with inclines.

First was bent over rows, which are super hard. I started with five pound weights, but had to go to threes for the second and third rounds.

I quite liked the elevated lunges. They’re a great workout, and kinda fun. At least for now, haha.

Third was declining pushups. No. That did not happen. I couldn’t even get into the right position, hands on the ground and feet on the chair. Whoops. I started out doing regular pushups, and the switched to knees halfway through. So at least I was doing something. I’ll get there. Maybe on the next time through the 90 day challenge.

The last item was inclined mountain climbers. If you’ve been here for a while, you know how much I just LOVE mountain climbers  [/sarcasm]. The inclined ones basically are the same but with added work for abs. And my elbows are rug burnt from the chair I was leaning against. between this and elbow planks, I’m beginning to think my elbows are going to be in a permanent state of disrepair.

I haven’t noticed major changes in my measurements, even though I’ve lost a bit of weight. But my body just feels so different. My clothes feel different on my body. It’s weird. And I like it.

Hope you all are doing well!

Cheers xx


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