90 Day Challenge – Day 51

Day 51

Oh Cardio. My frenemy. Today we were supposed to focus on ONE item for HIIT and do it the whole work-out. I thought, I know, I’ll do mountain climbers since I’m bad at those and then it will help me and give me a kick-ass workout.

Well, no, not a good idea. I did mountain climbers for the first minute. And then I did stairs for the rest of it. I plan to take the elevator at work tomorrow.

Here is how I’m feeling about cardio today:

Tell me, how do you feel?  Disgruntled. Bored. Sore. Unproductive. Sweaty. Like I have to wash my hair AGAIN.


Oh well. I know it IS doing SOMETHING. It’s just happening very slowly.

Cheers xx


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