Everything is permissible

but not everything is beneficial.

Day One.

This quote has brought me through the day, and I never would have expected it. I’m hungry, right now, as I type, but this doesn’t bother me so much.

Knowing that everything is permissible has given me, for today at least, respite. I can eat everything. All the time. My conscience allows it. The universe. God.

My conscience which fights me like an angry dog…and not just that, berates and belittles me, tears me down, makes me weak and haggard, is not really my conscience. I don’t know what that voice is, but it is not from God.

But is it beneficial? Does it matter? If I eat this Ben and Jerry’s will I benefit?

I have experienced wonderful freedom today knowing being a good person isn’t in the action of not eating junk food.

The gospel, which I proclaim, though rarely live, frees me from my need to eat. My desire and my conscience do not need to argue anymore. For everything is permissible. But not beneficial.