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90 Day Challenge – Day 57

Day 57

I detested today’s workout. In fact, I detest exercising. I am not enjoying this right now.

Today was almost exactly like a HIIT cardio day, but with worse workouts and more reps. I just don’t feel like doing this any more.

But, there’s only 2 weeks left of my DietBet and a little over 30 days left of this challenge. So, I plan on kicking this in the butt. Cause I’ve made it this far. The only thing that sounds worse than keeping it up is quitting. So.

Anyway. I missed yesterday, so I’m a day behind. I can’t decide if I should just move the schedule a day off, or if I should skip a cardio workout to get back on schedule. Or even do cardio in the morning, strength in the evening. Or maybe this strength workout is enough cardio-y that it doesn’t matter too much.

OK, off to do something I actually enjoy.

Cheers xx


90 Day Challenge – Day 38

Today was 10 minutes of body builders. That’s about 10 minutes too many of these. I only did 26 of them. I’m going to pretend that that’s a really good number! Almost 3 every minute…

Most of them, however, I did not do modified (on my knees) but full length (on my toes). Kinda makes me look forward to my cardio tomorrow.

Good news is, yesterday I submitted my final, official weigh in for my diet bet, and my winning weight has been verified. I’m so happy that I didn’t lose my money! I’m also looking forward to seeing the final results for the whole group. I’m a bit nervous to start another one, because it’s proved to be a good way to hold me accountable…and I don’t like being held accountable! I want to eat all of the things!

I’ll make myself sign up for another one. There are a few starting next week. Next week also marks the half way point, and there’s another FitTest! I’m really looking forward to it. I think I’m going to kick it in the butt!

Hope you all are doing well.



90 Day Challenge – Day 26

Is it bad that I far prefer strength training to cardio?  It makes cardio days a bit difficult. But only one more cardio day before rest day, which has been pushed back a few days since my lazy spree last week.

My eating hasn’t been great the past few days. I need to remember that not everything is beneficial, and focus on the positives of self-control rather than the negatives (like not eating chocolate all the time).

Tomorrow’s another day.


Doot do do – Update

OK. So there were a few days there when I didn’t do anything: didn’t count calories, didn’t exercise. Permissible. Not Beneficial.

And I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t intending to count calories on Super Bowl Sunday, because guacamole and pizza and skittles (go Hawks).

But I picked up where I left off, with a cardio day. It was awful. Not awful, but really, quite unpleasant. I assume this is part because I took a couple days off, and part because I’m getting over a bug that kept me in bed all day yesterday.

My DietBet is still on track, so I’m just going to keep going.


90 day challenge – Rest day

The problem with rest day is the lowered calorie count I get to consume.  Dietbet gave me a range to follow, and I set my goal for the low end of the range. So, I ate a few too many calories today, but I didn’t break the upper limit.

Also, Trader Joe’s white cheddar puffs are dangerous. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Excuse me, I have to go stuff some more into my face.

Day 19 – Evil one done

Done with the “Evil One” until day 85!

I can’t believe I’m almost 3 weeks in…seems crazy to me that I’m still at it. I’m actually, maybe even having a little bit of fun. I’m getting better at proper push-ups. I’ve been doing them on my knees, but some now and then on my toes. I can’t do a whole one, but I’m getting better. I can lower myself further than I used to be able. It’s good to see that I’m making any sort of progress.

I ALSO did 20 seconds of mountain climbers at a fairly high speed before I had to slow down and walk some of them. My body felt like it was so capable of moving; I don’t remember the last time it felt that way.

And, today, I worked my calorie intake out to include Reese’s peanut butter cups. Delicious.

Is it bad that I’m already excited for the food on Superbowl Sunday? Cause I am. Pizza, and Skittles and Guacamole, oh my! (Go Seahawks, obvi.)

Evil One, done again – Day 17

Only one more of those until day 85. This makes me excited, but nervous. I can only imagine something worse is in store. But, I’m not going to look ahead. I don’t want to know.

So, my weight loss portion is going really well, and I think I’m not going to count calories today. My favorite show, Sherlock,  is on tonight; there are only three eps per season and the last season was  two years ago. I really want to take the time to savor and enjoy the show because it’s so rare, so I might eat some popcorn, or have a beer, or chips with guac, or even more than one of these. If I don’t allow myself to enjoy food once in a while and enjoy the things I love, eating this way simply won’t be sustainable.

Anyway, feeling good. I hope to get some studying and some writing done today before my stories come on the TV. Hope you are all having a good Sunday, and all your personal health journey’s are going well.