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90 Day Challenge – Day 57

Day 57

I detested today’s workout. In fact, I detest exercising. I am not enjoying this right now.

Today was almost exactly like a HIIT cardio day, but with worse workouts and more reps. I just don’t feel like doing this any more.

But, there’s only 2 weeks left of my DietBet and a little over 30 days left of this challenge. So, I plan on kicking this in the butt. Cause I’ve made it this far. The only thing that sounds worse than keeping it up is quitting. So.

Anyway. I missed yesterday, so I’m a day behind. I can’t decide if I should just move the schedule a day off, or if I should skip a cardio workout to get back on schedule. Or even do cardio in the morning, strength in the evening. Or maybe this strength workout is enough cardio-y that it doesn’t matter too much.

OK, off to do something I actually enjoy.

Cheers xx


90 Day Challenge – Day 51

Day 51

Oh Cardio. My frenemy. Today we were supposed to focus on ONE item for HIIT and do it the whole work-out. I thought, I know, I’ll do mountain climbers since I’m bad at those and then it will help me and give me a kick-ass workout.

Well, no, not a good idea. I did mountain climbers for the first minute. And then I did stairs for the rest of it. I plan to take the elevator at work tomorrow.

Here is how I’m feeling about cardio today:

Tell me, how do you feel?  Disgruntled. Bored. Sore. Unproductive. Sweaty. Like I have to wash my hair AGAIN.


Oh well. I know it IS doing SOMETHING. It’s just happening very slowly.

Cheers xx

90 Day Challenge – Day 44

I feel amazing after my cardio today. I don’t even understand how I feel this great about it. It wasn’t better than normal or anything. But I worked hard and sweat a lot, and now I feel like I can do anything!

It’s so great to feel this way after so long of feeling bored and discouraged.

I’m really looking forward to the FitTest tomorrow. I’m hoping to kick its butt. I’ll post the percentage change from my previous FitTests when it is over. Wish me luck!

Hope you all are doing well. Cheers

90 Day Challenge – Day 41

Today’s cardio was difficult. So difficult. I don’t know what happened over this week, but I got weaker and weaker. At least, I feel like I did. Stairs were bloody awful. After yesterday’s leg workout, I shouldn’t be so surprised, but I could barley make it up the stairs after a few goes. My legs were burning.

My body is sone done with this week’s workouts. Tomorrow is a rest day, and also weigh in for my next diet bet. You can join if you want to lose 4% in 4 weeks, just follow this link: http://diet.bt/1hzecf0 and sign up! It’s a great motivator for me, and maybe it would be for you as well.

Keep it up, all. This is hard work!

Cheers xx

90 Day Challenge – Day 37

More mixed up cardio today! I added a few new segments, and I’m really seeing stamina improvements on some of the exercises I normally do. I was able to keep a great speed for jumping jacks during those segments, and I noticed a speed improvement on how long it takes me to run up and down a flight of stairs.

I feel pretty good today, since I officially won my diet bet! So, I’m trucking right along. It’s so encouraging to see some actual changes and goals met. It’s almost like there’s a purpose to all of this!

Cheers xx

90 Day Challenge – Day 34

So I went on Pinterest and found some new cardio segments for my HIIT workout and incorporated them into my workout today. Some of them were really intense!

I intended to do one where you start sitting on the floor, roll back, then forward into a standing position. Turns out that I can’t do it, haha. That’s OK. I’ll work up to it! Instead I did partial handstands: kick up into an almost handstand over and over. I’m WAY better at it with my left leg than my right, so I’ll have to work on that, too.

The other one I added is surf board jumps. Stand like you’re on a surfboard, posing, then jump 180 degrees and pose  again. (You know, the surfer pose, with your arms out and your knees bent. ) It was a lot harder to keep up for a minute than I thought it would be.

Other than that, I did speed skaters (which is also on TV right now!), mountain climbers (such sweat, so legs) and stairs.

Whew, I’m pretty wiped! Hope you all are doing well.

Cheers xx

90 Day Challenge – Day 33

Looks like I didn’t write about my cardio yesterday. I went back to the HIIT, because it just takes so much less time, and I feel like I’ve gotten a really solid workout afterward. I’ll probably continue to switch it up though, a bit, so I don’t get super bored.

Today was a 100 lunge day yet again. Today…I made it to 80! That’s better than day 1 and day 2. I’m really proud of myself for getting a better score.  I think going a teensy bit easier on day 2 helped, because I wasn’t as sore going into the lunges today. I am for certain going to be sore tomorrow, though. I made sure to get a good stretch, but I don’t think it will eliminate the pain tomorrow, haha.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers xx