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90 Day Challenge – Day 57

Day 57

I detested today’s workout. In fact, I detest exercising. I am not enjoying this right now.

Today was almost exactly like a HIIT cardio day, but with worse workouts and more reps. I just don’t feel like doing this any more.

But, there’s only 2 weeks left of my DietBet and a little over 30 days left of this challenge. So, I plan on kicking this in the butt. Cause I’ve made it this far. The only thing that sounds worse than keeping it up is quitting. So.

Anyway. I missed yesterday, so I’m a day behind. I can’t decide if I should just move the schedule a day off, or if I should skip a cardio workout to get back on schedule. Or even do cardio in the morning, strength in the evening. Or maybe this strength workout is enough cardio-y that it doesn’t matter too much.

OK, off to do something I actually enjoy.

Cheers xx


90 Day Challenge – Day 45 FitTest

Wow. I’m wiped.

I was expecting a better improvement on my FitTest, honestly, but I guess I can’t be too much disappointed with my results. Although, I improved on everything, except burpees. But I think I had better form on these than I have in the past, so there is still improvement.

Overall, my improvement was 22% from my most recent FitTest, but 78% from my very first one. I guess I can’t really complain about that, can I? No, no I cannot.

Progress takes a lot of time, and a lot of work. It is so slow, but it’s good to see that I am getting better, slowly. More capable, more fit, more healthy.

Let me know how you all are doing.

Chin up. cheers!

90 Day Challenge – Day 38

Today was 10 minutes of body builders. That’s about 10 minutes too many of these. I only did 26 of them. I’m going to pretend that that’s a really good number! Almost 3 every minute…

Most of them, however, I did not do modified (on my knees) but full length (on my toes). Kinda makes me look forward to my cardio tomorrow.

Good news is, yesterday I submitted my final, official weigh in for my diet bet, and my winning weight has been verified. I’m so happy that I didn’t lose my money! I’m also looking forward to seeing the final results for the whole group. I’m a bit nervous to start another one, because it’s proved to be a good way to hold me accountable…and I don’t like being held accountable! I want to eat all of the things!

I’ll make myself sign up for another one. There are a few starting next week. Next week also marks the half way point, and there’s another FitTest! I’m really looking forward to it. I think I’m going to kick it in the butt!

Hope you all are doing well.



90 Day Challenge – Day 33

Looks like I didn’t write about my cardio yesterday. I went back to the HIIT, because it just takes so much less time, and I feel like I’ve gotten a really solid workout afterward. I’ll probably continue to switch it up though, a bit, so I don’t get super bored.

Today was a 100 lunge day yet again. Today…I made it to 80! That’s better than day 1 and day 2. I’m really proud of myself for getting a better score.  I think going a teensy bit easier on day 2 helped, because I wasn’t as sore going into the lunges today. I am for certain going to be sore tomorrow, though. I made sure to get a good stretch, but I don’t think it will eliminate the pain tomorrow, haha.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cheers xx

90 Day Challenge – Day 31

100 lunge day again! I only made it to 70 this time, but I suppose that’s not too bad given that I’m still really sore from Monday. I haven’t been sore the following day since the first week of the challenge. Since then my body has done a great job recovering from my workouts. So this 100 lunge march has been really quite hard on me.

The “boat” sit-ups are also quite difficult…on my back. Starting in a boat pose and keeping my back straight has worked some muscles I didn’t know I could work!

The past week or so has been frustrating. I haven’t felt very good (sick) and haven’t been eating well (no excuse) so it’s seemed really hard to work out, and I haven’t felt like it’s helping give me energy or health.  But, I seem to be on the mend (I’ve been saying that for about 10 days now, haha) but hopefully soon I’ll start feeling really better, not just about my cold/illness but about my overall strength and body health.

Hope you all are feeling healthy and strong!



Doot do do – Update

OK. So there were a few days there when I didn’t do anything: didn’t count calories, didn’t exercise. Permissible. Not Beneficial.

And I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t intending to count calories on Super Bowl Sunday, because guacamole and pizza and skittles (go Hawks).

But I picked up where I left off, with a cardio day. It was awful. Not awful, but really, quite unpleasant. I assume this is part because I took a couple days off, and part because I’m getting over a bug that kept me in bed all day yesterday.

My DietBet is still on track, so I’m just going to keep going.


90 Day challenge – Day 10

Today was body builders again. I don’t think I’m going to be able to move my arms tomorrow. This time I started on my knees instead of trying on my toes. I also used weights, which added a lot to the workout.

However, I’m worried I’m doing them wrong. My arms get a great workout, but I feel like my stomach and legs aren’t getting the workout they should.

Also, I signed up for a dietbet.com challenge. Lose 4% in 4 weeks, and I get my 25$ back. I hope that will give me the motivation to start eating better in addition to my working out.  If you want to join in, I’m playing in this game.

I think tomorrow is cardio, and then the next day is a repeat of the FitTest, which makes me nervous and excited. I HOPE I can beat my day one scores. We’ll wait and see.